In Theory

So I have a really bad nasty headache today.  It’s pretty bad 😦  I mean with three screaming girls and 2 loud dogs that love to bark especially Nemo (more on him in a future date), this headache is not going anywhere anytime soon.  I know my headaches are caused by my sinuses.  You see I have pretty bad allergies and when they act up boy do they act up!  I hate it.  It makes me wanna just crawl into bed and not get up.  But with three energetic girls and 2 crazy doggies, that is just not an option… but I’m digressing.  Since I can’t stay in bed (reasons mention before- kids, dogs), I decided to do a bit of blog surfing and glance at some of my favorite blog sites.  What a mistake that was!  Let me explain myself, I have to be busy all the time, and on days like this, when I read those lovely blogs, it gets my creative juices flowing!  I love it.  If I’m not doing something then I just wasted a day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my quiet times as well but lately I like keeping busy so my mind doesn’t wander and I start to think about my Mom.  She isn’t in the best shape as far as her mental health goes and keeping myself busy helps to not feel sad… but again I digress.

I love reading blogs.  It inspires me to create, bake and make.  I get to do all the things I’m blessed to be able to do and share with my friends in the blogging community.  But I’ve been neglecting my blog lately.  Bad girl!!  I’ve been so caught up with other things, that I haven’t been as dedicated as I once promised myself.  So from now on, I will be posting more.  More about my life and my adventures, both the good and the boring.  I’m even going to bake more, craft more and show more with photos!   But with three kids, 2 dogs and a crazy life, we’ll see. Hopefully, It all works out in the end.  Well at least it does, in Theory!~

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