Summer Fun: Bored Jar & Thank You!

Well folks, the kids have officially started their Summer Vacation… Gasp! How quickly time flies!  But I’m not too worried.. as part of my New Organized Living routine, I have been thinking of ways to keep them entertained the whole summer.  One of the ideas I have is a “Bored Jar”.  Although the bored jar is not my original idea (I’ve seen it floating on the internet a few times), I thought it was a great idea to offer helpful suggestions for those days that I’m too busy or distracted to come up with entertainment off the cuff.

As many of you parents out there know, after a few days of being at home for summer vacation,  the kids always say they’re bored.  I’ve decided to create a Bored Jar and in it, I will add a few activities for the kids to do that will help fight off some of the boredom.  At first, I was just going to put in “fun” activities but after thinking about it, I’ve decided to throw in some chores to do as well.  I figure if the Bored Jar was all fun then the kids will constantly be back saying i’m bored and not finding creative ways to entertain themselves -smart thinking!  eh, eh 😉

I’m also really into scavenger hunts and found this cute one online a while back:

Photo: The Taylor House

If scavenger hunts aren’t your thing (gasp!) 😉  Then maybe your more into good ol’ summer activities!

Photo: Just Call me Chris

Either way, I hope this helps to thwart off some of the Summer Blahs.  Who knows, this may be a New Summer Tradition?~

On another note…

I just wanted to Thank each and every one of my readers.  I have reached a wonderful milestone today (over 11,000 page hits!)  I am truly and utterly speechless!!  I appreciate you coming to my blog for a visit and I hope you have as much fun reading about our adventures as I do writing about it!  Thank You and God Bless!!

2 thoughts on “Summer Fun: Bored Jar & Thank You!

  1. Maria

    It sounds like you, the girls and Tan are going to have a great summer. We’ll have to go on a trip or two. I like the bored jar idea a lot. God bless.


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