Home Tour

Today I thought I’d give you a quick tour of our home.  It’s not a new home but it is new to us and we love it.  The previous home owner was an elderly lady who did the best she could with what she had (God rest her soul) but the home needs a bit of updating.  The pictures were taken during our home inspection and since then we’ve been pretty busy and have made some major behind the scene up dating.

here is our living room:


Right now Tan, the kids and I are working hard removing wallpaper and updating the electric throughout the first and second floors.  Once we’re moved in (which hopefully will be soon) we are going to create a ‘punch list’ of projects we’d like to get done -at our leisure.   Don’t worry though, any major work (like updating the electric) was done by the professionals.  ‘Cause crazy we’re not! 😉

Our kitchen:



Here are some more pictures of our home in their “before” stage… Come back often and see the awesome “after” transformation!




We’re hoping to finish up with our renovation project soon, so we can enjoy our little space within the next couple of weeks.  I cannot wait to move in and enjoy the summer in our New Home!

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