2014 Walk-a-thon

2014 walkathon

three legged race with friend

Tan, the kids and I participated in a recent walk-a-thon and I have to say it was a blast.  The walk was about two miles long, a good distance for the kids to participate in – which for them was a big deal especially since they get tired just waking one city block, lol.   It was such a fun time!  Once we arrived at the Community Center the kids participated in some fun activities.  They ran a three legged race, played a round of soccer, the older kids played volley ball and soft ball and well as basketball and the little ones played toss, hockey and indoor games of tug of war and building blocks.  At break time they enjoyed ice cream treats, hot dogs and plenty of water, which we definitely needed that day, because boy was it HOT!

2014 walkathon activity

It was such an inspiring day and it was pretty cool to interact with my kids and their friends!


I highly recommend participating in a walk-a-thon!  I can’t wait to do this again soon 🙂

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