We ADOPTED a PUPPY!! Meet Our Lab Mix Oakley

Hello everyone!  I hope you’re all doing well.  As usual it has been a crazy time for us here at Casa de HNC.  As I mentioned in my previous post (or you’ve seen on my Instagram) my oldest daughter, Adriana graduated from High School. My middle daughter Alyssa graduated eighth grade and is heading to High School and our youngest Ava is heading to middle school and is super nervous for her new big girl roll as a middle schooler lol.  We are totally excited and proud of them all and know they will be off to do great things!

We also adopted a puppy!.  He’s cute little lab mix we adopted from a rescue organization.  He is a handful and is such a sweet boy!  We are in love with this pup and he knows how spoiled he is lol.  Check out this video we created introducing him to all our friends and family here and on Youtube:

Do you have any fur babies?  If so what challenges or fun stories do you have?  Share below!  If you love this video, please make sure to share our story.  If you haven’t done so yet make sure to head on over to my youtube channel and subscribe to my channel!  Until next time guys have a great one!


2 thoughts on “We ADOPTED a PUPPY!! Meet Our Lab Mix Oakley

  1. Anisten

    What is her mix? We have a dog that is named Oakley but its a girl, and she is a Chocolate Lab/German Shorthair Pointer Mix. They look so much alike! Oh my gosh!


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