My Cell Phone Blings

A while back Tan and I bought matching cell phones.  He did some research and like the Motorola Cliq.  I too liked the phones but didn’t want my phone to look exactly like Tan’s.  So Tan got us cell phone cases to protect our phones, since having a 2 year old that loves cell phones, I thought it was a great idea.  I just made some minor tweeks with my cell phone case.

Here is a pic of my case before:

Here is a pic of my cell phone without the bling effect:

To bling out my cell phone I went to my local craft store and bought some black and clear Rhinestones. I also purchased craft glue and I had some tweezers at home that helped grip those suckers while I glued them in place.

I wanted to make a mish-mosh (it’s a word) of the patterns.  I usually don’t have any set patterns in mind I just went with whatever happens. Here is my cell phone at the beginning of the “bling” process.

…further progress of my “blinged” phone…

..almost done…

…finally done!

One last thing.  I took a few pics of Tan and my phone to show you the difference.  Here they are:

I do like the new bling and maybe for my next cell phone case I’ll get different colors (other than black) and create a lovely pattern of flowers, hearts or something cool.~

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