Surviving Winter

Baby It’s cold outside and I for one would rather snuggle up with my honey and watch movies and just use this day as a lazy day!  When I went to bed last night I knew I was gonna wake up to a sheet of snow covering my entire block.  I also knew that I’d have 3 young ladies wanting me to think of some fun and entertaining ways to make the most of this cold day.

First thing this morning I made some yummy, deliscious breakfast that consists of Bacon, Eggs and French Toast ooohhh la la!  It was pretty good 🙂

I also had tons of chores that needed to be done and with the help of my three girls got most of it done before lunch.   Tan had taken a lunch break from work and made us some tuna salad sandwiches.  Yum!  I thought it was the nicest lunch I had in a long while.  After lunch the girls went to their play room, for which I quickly took advantage of and jumped in the shower.  It felt fantastic to take a warm shower and actually not be rushed (since Tan was home he had kid duty-while he worked)  It was FAB -U-LOUS!  Exactly what I needed 🙂

The day has gone pretty quickly. Before you know it it will be dinner time.  I don’t know what to cook… a part of me wants to make some mashed potatoes and spanish meatloaf but I was also inspired by this blog to give homemade tater tots a try (try saying that 10 times fast!)

Photo: Chow

..or how ’bout giving this deliscious meal a try!

Photo: Smashed Peas & Carrots

And in case you were wondering what my neighborhood looks like, here’s a peek of what we endured today:

Poor Frosty Didn't survive 😦

Picture was taken last night!

All I know is that tonight will be a night that I survived winter for at least one more day!~

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