Push Pop Cupcakes Tutorial

For my daughter’s birthday I decided to make Push Pop Cupcakes.  At the time that I made them, I hadn’t realized how popular they were becoming.  Especially the day of my daughter’s birthday party, they were a HUGE hit!  I couldn’t believe how quickly they went.  I had made just enough for the kids to each enjoy.  I also baked a delicious cake for the grown ups and birthday girl (chocolate cake with chocolate icing and crushed Oreos YUM)!  What I didn’t anticipate was how even some of the grown ups would love the push pop containers!  It was very easy to make so I decided to show you all how to make your own push pop cupcakes.

Materials needed:

Mini Cupcake Pan or Mini Cupcakes
Push Pop Container
Pipe Bags (or freezer bags, just snip a corner for piping)
Cake Mix (whatever you like)
Frosting (any kind you prefer)
Fixings (chocolate cookie crumbs, sprinkles, mousse etc)

Here is how I make my Push Up Cupcakes:

Ok, I’m not a baker and usually don’t have time  to make any of my favorite cakes.  I usually buy a box of my favorite cake mix and follow the baking directions.  Once they are cooled, you can punch out circles to fit the Push Up Containers (about 3″) .  Or if you prefer, you can bake mini cupcakes instead and you still get the same effect.  Just make sure to remove the cupcake liners.  You don’t want kids eating the paper 😀

Next you stack the cake and frosting like your building a sandwich.  Start with a piece of cake and end with frosting on top.

You can decorate your Push Pop Cupcake anyway you like!  Finding a way to display these is a little tricky.  I used a styrofoam disc (from my local craft store) wrapped the disc with some scrap ribbon using double-sided tape and covered with shredded paper!

If you’re interested in creating your own Push Pop Cupcakes, you can get the containers at my Etsy Shop or webstore.  Stop on by a check out all of the new and cool birthday party ideas I offer!

Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it!  If you decide to make a Push Pop cupcake please send me pics of your creations, I would love to feature some of my readers work on my blog!  Thanks for stopping by the blog today!~

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