Easter Fun

I know that Easter has passed but I wanted to share with you all the fun things that my girls and I did over last week.  First up is our window.  We have a large picture window, which I LOVE and have so much fun decorating! The girls and I used cardstock paper for the grass and last years Easter Peeps, bucket and plastic eggs for decoration.  My older two girls made the cut outs and I used my baby’s birthday banner that I saved from her third birthday. (Sorry for the glare, since my camera is not working to well, my hubby was nice enough to take these pics with his cell phone.  But the sun was very bright that day! Hence the glare 😀 )

In all the commotion of getting the house ready for our Easter Dinner.  I completely forgot that my girls were to bring in gifts for their classmates for Easter the next day.  So we quickly baked up some cupcakes and I had some candy grass, robin’s eggs and candy bunnies I was saving for Easter Dinner and made the 1st Graders some bunny patches with eggs!

It’s was pretty cool.  My Nena decorated the cupcakes all on her own.  How proud she was of her work!  I was too.  My eldest girl made a batch of rainbow topped cupcakes with Colored sugar.  They were both very creative and festive and the cupcakes matched their personality!  By the end of the night we all smelled of cupcakes and icing! 🙂

For Sunday’s dinner we had gotten some paper products and utensils from Wal-Mart as well as Party City.  My hubby and the girls out did themselves with a lovely table setting. I was busy cooking dinner and cleaning tidying the house up for company.  We had 22 people at our home!  We had a blast, it was so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again! ~

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