Cool Treats

My goodness is it hot.  I can’t even think straight.  All I can do is think about keeping cool and eating a cool treat.  Since my mind is on cool treats, I made a list of 6 yummy cool treats that can help beat the heat!

Andes Chocolates Mint Ice Cream by ChocolateChocolateandMore:


How about this “Funky Monkey” PB Ripple Chip Bananas Ice Cream by Cupcakes and Kale Chips


Keep cool with these Watermelon Slush by Mommy on Demand:


Chocolate and Nutella Covered Bananas by 2 Cookin Mamas:


Yummy Creamy Chocolate Fudgecicle by Chocolate Covered Katie:


Nummy Ice Cream Floats via Southern Living:


I may or may not be eating a yummy cool treat as I type this post.  I hope this inspires you to try a cool treat.  I love peeping other peoples work, if you want to share your yummy treat, send me a link and I might just stop by and stalk a few of you.  Until next time, Keep cool my friends!


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